April 22, 2019, San Francisco, California (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)-Partnering, a global leader in providing enterprise partner management software, today introduces a new feature "Intelligent," which applies machine learning and presents recommended new partners. Announced "Partner Discovery" (Intelligent Partner Discovery, hereinafter referred to as "IPD"). With this feature, corporate customers and agencies can discover new partners, build relationships and expand marketing activities more easily and efficiently than ever before.


Partnerize strives to make partnerships easy to use. IPD, the result of Partnerize's focus on research and development, is a new intelligent feature that supports the entire Partnerize ecosystem with 300,000 partners. IPD will automatically suggest recommended partners that may achieve the desired outcome for each company's partnership program. The types of partners offered as recommendations include content partners and influencers in addition to traditional affiliate.


IPD solves the problems that have always been encountered since the affiliate industry was born. In the early days, there was a time when quantity was required more than quality to ensure scale. However, the industry is evolving with the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) and data science. Instead of simply creating a list of huge potential partners without sorting, IPD applies machine learning, intelligently selects partners for each company, and prioritizes them. Present choices.

Peter Agardi, Affiliate Marketing Manager at Emirates, said: "Our potential to be profitable is to seek as much insight as possible on new partners around the world to find a path for further growth. To find the best new partner for our marketing program. We look forward to the contribution of Partnerize's intelligent partner discovery feature. "

IPD uses Partnerize's proprietary algorithm to present advertisers with recommended partners based on the following factors:
  •  Business Results of Partnership Revenues
  • Potential affinity with the target audience
  • Trends in sales promotion effects seen by targeted companies and campaigns
  • Similarity with existing partners who are achieving top results

Partnermaker's co-founder and CEO, Mal Cowley, said: "Intelligent partner discovery is an innovation that can only be realized in Partnerize, and helps advertisers to identify the partner that gives the best results and start collaborating. With this advanced intelligence feature our platform is large It evolves and builds all kinds of valuable partnerships to improve the ability to support the enterprise, and our platform continually evaluates the entire ecosystem and identifies the next best partner. ”

Partnerize's Customers can now use Intelligent Partner Discovery to help expand the partner network. Customers who want to operate in a private network can also start using IPD.


Partnerize Partnerize helps build strong relationships with partners that can significantly contribute to sales growth for the world's leading companies. Partnerize's Partner Management Platform (PMP) is a SaaS-based platform that covers the creation of marketing programs, management and analysis, and forecasting of future outcomes using artificial intelligence (AI). Our real-time technology is used by hundreds of companies around the world. The total partner program using the Partnerize platform is over $ 6 billion and is used for transactions across more than 214 countries and territories. To learn more about Partnerize and how big a company can achieve with ROI by partner marketing, visit


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