Blackstone Intends to Launch Tender Offer for Shares in UNIZO Holdings (Securities Code: 3258) at ¥5,000 per Share,subject to UNIZO Consent
                                              会社名 Urchin Holdings I Pte. Limited
                                 代表者名 Alan Miyasaki

Blackstone Real Estateにより運営及び助言されるファンドの関連会社であるUrchin Holdings I Pte. Limited. (以下「ブラックストーン」といいます。)は、同社の完全子会社であるアーチンビッドコー合同会社(以下「公開買付者」といいます。)をして、ユニゾホールディングス株式会社(証券コード:3258、株式会社東京証券取引所市場第一部上場。以下「対象者」といいます。)の発行済普通株式(以下「対象者株式」といいます。)に対し、その全てを取得することを目的として、対象者が同意すること及びブラックストーンと対象者の間で以下に記載する条件を規定する合意書が2019年10月23日までに締結されることを条件として、1株当たり5,000円による公開買付け(以下「本公開買付け」といいます。)を開始させる意向を有していることをお知らせいたします。なお、対象者が2019年10月23日までに本公開買付けに同意しない場合、又は当該合意書を締結しない場合、ブラックストーンは本公開買付けの実施の可否を含めたあらゆる選択肢を検討致します。
Urchin Holdings I Pte. Limited, an affiliate of funds managed and advised by Blackstone  Real Estate (“Blackstone”), hereby announces its intention to cause its wholly owned subsidiary, Urchin BidCo GK (the “Offeror”), to launch a tender offer to acquire up to all of the outstanding common shares of UNIZO Holdings Company, Limited (Tokyo Stock Exchange; Securities Code: 3258) (“UNIZO”), at a price of ¥5,000 per common share, subject to UNIZO consent and entry into an agreement between Blackstone and UNIZO (as further described below) by October 23, 2019 setting forth in further detail certain additional terms outlined below (the “Blackstone Offer”). In the event UNIZO does not consent to our launch or enter into such agreement with Blackstone by such date, Blackstone will assess all of its available options at such time.

Purpose and Summary
The purpose of this statement is to provide background on the Blackstone Offer and to clarify our position with respect to, and address, the following:

1. 当社の提案が全ての利害関係者にとって魅力的であること
1. The Blackstone Offer is a Compelling Deal for All Stakeholders
For UNIZO shareholders, Blackstone will offer a compelling price of ¥5,000 per share, which is 151% hig hher than the unaffected UNIZO share price and 25% higher than the current outstanding tender offer. For UNIZO employees, Blackstone is looking to partner with UNIZO employees to enhance corporate value and, as part of this partnership, has committed to maintain or improve employee labor conditions while offering employees the following benefits that they do not currently enjoy:
  • 企業価値の増加から生じる利益を共有するインセンティブ報酬プログラム(エクイティの保有を含みます。)へ参加する権利
  • 対象者の株式を取得し、対象者の将来の良好な業績から生じる利益を共有する機会
  • 対象者の将来の経営方針に関する議論への積極的な参加を可能とするため、対象者の取締役会に少数の取締役を派遣する権利
  • :the right to participate in an incentive program (including equity participation) to share in the increase in corporate value;
  • an opportunity to acquire shares in UNIZO and benefit from future favorable financial performance of UNIZO; and
  • minority board representation to have an active voice in discussing UNIZO’s future  direction.

2. 対象者経営陣が条件としている「仕組み」による株主利益の毀損
UNIZO announced that it will reject proposals that do not have a “mechanism” that “ensures the employment of its employees.”1 Blackstone understands that this “mechanism” would effectively give employees the following unprecedented rights to control and profit from an acquiror’s investment:
  • 買収者の投資リターンをコントロールすること
  • 買収者のエグジットの時期及び方法を決定すること
  • 取引後の買収者の持分の取得を要求し、かつ、買収者の保有する対象者株式を買い戻すことのできる権利を通じて、実質的に対象者を、対象者の資金を利用して買収すること
  • Control the acquiror’s returns on its investment;
    Dictate the timing and manner of the acquiror’s exit; and
    Effectively acquire the company, through demanding a post-closing ownership stake in the acquiror and a right to repurchase Blackstone’s UNIZO shares, with UNIZO funds.
Such a “mechanism” is extremely atypical and, we believe, unprecedented in Japan (or potentially elsewhere). Rather than agreeing to a transaction that could provide a windfall to employees at the expense of an acquiror, Blackstone has agreed, if the Blackstone Offer is successful, to provide employees a number of benefits as described above, including the ability to profit alongside Blackstone in UNIZO’s future performance.

Given the fundamental need for UNIZO shareholders to understand in a timely manner the complete situation and potential options available to them, we are announcing that Blackstone stands ready to proceed with the Blackstone Offer on the terms outlined herein. Blackstone has already received all internal approvals necessary for the Offeror to launch the Blackstone Offer. Provided the conditions of the Blackstone Offer described in this release, including UNIZO’s consent, are satisfied, the Blackstone Offer will be commenced promptly. 

Please see the atached Press Release for details. 


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  3. ブラックストーンによるユニゾホールディングス株式会社株式(証券コード:3258)に対する1株当たり5,000円での公開買付けを同社の同意を条件として開始する意向に関するお知らせ