Kudan Limited Announces Joint Project with JIG-SAW for Embedded AR and Sensing Technology

Kudan Limited and JIG-SAW INC. announce the signing of an agreement for the creation of a joint project for Embedded AR and sensing technology.
Kudan Limited is a Computer Vision Technology company (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, IoT sensing technology) from UK, JIG-SAW INC. is an IoT infrastructure company.

While there are many VR/AR devices such as head mount devices are becoming available recently, none has address the issue of power consumption and performance.

The aim of this project is to embed AR and computer vision engine into computer module chip, which enable various devices to use AR engine while enabling online update and maintenance of the devices.
Embedding of the software into chip results in significantly lighter memory footprint, benefit wearable devices and other various devices with less power consumption and higher performances.
This project will benefit from unique combination of Kudan's deep knowledge and skills on algorithm of AR and computer vision technology, and JIG-SAW's skills of supporting and embedding software into various module chip.

This partnership represents huge step of making fast AR software available to various devices.


Kudan Limited(英国)と JIG-SAW株式会社(本社:東京都千代田区、以下JIG-SAW)はARセンシングソフトウェアのモジュール化、デバイスへの組み込み及びメンテナンスプロジェクトについて発表致します。

Kudan Limited(英国)はコンピュータービジョンテクノロジー事業(Augmented Reality:拡張現実、Virtual Reality:仮想現実、IoTセンシングテクノロジー)を提供しており、JIG-SAWはIoTプラットフォーム事業を提供しております。


本プロジェクトではKudan Limited(英国)のAR及びコンピュータビジョンの知識・技術並びにJIG-SAWの様々なモジュールチップへの埋め込み及びサポート技術により、ARテクノロジー(ARソフトウェア)の軽量化・チップ・モジュール化を進め、あらゆるデバイスへの組み込みを可能にすると共にオンラインでのチップのアップデートやメンテナンスも可能にすることを目指し開発を進めてまいります。


■JIG-SAW Company Profile
Compay name:JIG-SAW INC.
Established:November 1, 2001
Capital:314.1 million yen (as of May 29, 2015)
Listing:Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers market (Code: 3914)
Representative Director:Masunaru Yamakawa
Business description:Automated management and A&A platform cloud services through automated            operations services (Auto Pilot) and robotic software based on IoT and Big Data


■Kudan Company Profile
Company name:Kudan Limited
Representative Director:Tomo Ohno






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