【ALTIRI CHIBA】河内 修斗氏 アソシエイトコーチ就任のお知らせ

株式会社アルティーリ(本社:千葉県千葉市、代表:新居佳英)は、河内 修斗(カワチ・シュウト)氏がB3リーグ2021-22シーズンにおいて、アルティーリ千葉のアソシエイトコーチに就任したことをご報告いたします。[ENGLISH BELOW]


■Shuto, KAWACHI(河内 修斗)アソシエイトコーチ


2009-12:浜松・東三河フェニックス アシスタントコーチ
2012-13:セントジョーンズ大学 スポーツコーチング留学
2013-16:仙台89ERS ヘッドコーチ
2016-18:三遠ネオフェニックス アソシエイトヘッドコーチ
2019-20:三遠ネオフェニックス ヘッドコーチ
2020-21:三遠ネオフェニックス トップアシスタントコーチ

■河内 修斗 アソシエイトコーチのコメント


■株式会社アルティーリ 代表取締役CEO 新居 佳英のコメント


社      名:株式会社アルティーリ
所 在 地:千葉県千葉市中央区問屋町1-35 千葉ポートサイドタワー22F

広報担当:内山( info@altiri.jp )

Altiri, Inc. (Head Office: Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture, Representative: Yoshihide Arai) is pleased to announce the inauguration of Shuto Kawachi as the Associate Coach for B3 LEAGUE 2021-22 Season of ALTIRI CHIBA.

We will continue to prepare for the season, and we would appreciate your continuous support.

■Shuto, KAWACHI Associate Coach
Born: 1985 August 5
Hometown: Saitama

■Player Experience
2006: Los Angeles Harbor College
2008: Hamamatsu Higashimikawa Phoenix

■Coaching Experience
2009-12: Hamamatsu Higashimikawa Phoenix Assistant Coach
2012-13: St. John's University to study sports coaching
2013-16: Sendai 89ERS Head Coach
2016-18: Sanen Neo Phoenix Associate Head Coach
2019-20: Sanen Neo Phoenix Head Coach
2020-21: Sanen Neo Phoenix Top Assistant Coach

■Greetings from Shuto Kawachi Associate Coach
I have been appointed as an Associate Coach of ALTIRI CHIBA.
I would like to firstly thank Lemanis Head Coach and all the people involved, for giving me the opportunity to take on this new challenge.

I would like to work together with all the people who support ALTIRI CHIBA in order to achieve the club's vision of “Creating a Club which Attracts People from All Over the World”. 
Thank you very much for your support.

■Greetings from Yoshihide Arai, Representative Director of Altiri, Inc.
We are very pleased to announce that Shuto Kawachi will be taking over as our Associate Coach. We are very glad to have a coach who has studied sports coaching overseas and is experienced in Japanese basketball who shares our vision and values.  

Together with the Head Coach, we will work to create a club that can be supported by the local community. Thank you very much for your continued support.

■About Company
Name: Altiri, Inc.
Address: Chiba Port Side Tower 22F, 1-35 Tonya-cho, Chuo-ward, Chiba-city, Chiba-prefecture
URL: https://altiri.jp

Name of Press Contact: Uchiyama( info@altiri.jp )
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