Royal Asscher names Kenji Saikachi new CEO of Royal Asscher of Japan  ロイヤル・アッシャー・オブ・ジャパン新代表取締役社長就任



Amsterdam, December 1st, 2019, Following an extraordinary shareholders’ meeting and an extraordinary board meeting held on Nov.27th 2019, Mr. Kenji Saikachi has been appointed as the new CEO of Royal Asscher of Japan.  
Mr. Saikachi will be working closely with the Asscher family, Royal Asscher of Japan’s sales and marketing team, retailers and suppliers in order to ensure the ongoing growth in the Japanese jewelry market.
Mr. Kenji Saikachi said:
“It is an extraordinary and exciting moment for me to be able to lead Royal Asscher of Japan. The Dutch Royal family honored the Asscher Diamond Company in Amsterdam with the Dutch Royal Predicate, making the name of the company Royal Asscher Diamond Company. Being able to work with the Asscher family, who are innovators with a pure passion for diamonds for over 165 years, is truly remarkable. Each of the six Asscher generations has taken the family trade and perfected it with new technology, innovation and creative touches that make the diamonds the ultimate expression of beauty. Every diamond that bears the Royal Asscher signature is cut to exact proportions which bring light and dispersion like no other diamond does.”

Mr. Mike Asscher said:
“We are fortunate to have someone of Mr. Kenji Saikachi’s caliber and experience step up to lead Royal Asscher of Japan. We are confident that he will successfully lead Royal Asscher to become an even more important player in the Japanese diamond jewelry market. With his wealth of experience in the luxury sector, we know that he can help retailers expand their business with our unique brand to help them give the customer access to Royal Asscher’s illustrious regal story and beautiful collections. With the introduction of the patented Royal Asscher Brilliant Cut we feel we give the retailer even more competitive advantages than ever before. The beauty and sparkle for this diamond will truly mesmerize any consumer.”
 The extraordinary commitment of the Asscher family, to keep the glory that the predecessors have built alive, can be seen in each piece.  This passion is the value of a “genuine” product that will continue to move on for many generations to come.


About Royal Asscher:
Founded in Amsterdam in 1854 by Isaac Joseph Asscher, now run by the 5th and 6th  generation Edward, Lita and Mike Asscher, the Asscher family have always been known as pioneers in diamond design and have made some of the most profound contributions to the international diamond industry.By the end of the 19th Century, the company had grown into one of the world’s largest diamond polishing companies. In 1902 Joseph Asscher created the original Asscher Cut diamond - the world’s first patented cut diamond. The company also cut and polished the 997 carat Excelsior diamond and the 3106 carat Cullinan rough diamond, which has pride of place in Great Britain’s Crown Jewels and Queen Elizabeth’s personal collection. The company was honored to receive the Dutch Royal predicate in 1980. Now the company’s cuts also bear the same ‘Royal’ predicate as the house.  
Royal Asscher is strongly committed to social and ethical responsibility, our rough diamonds are sourced from countries that fully comply with the Kimberley Process, an initiative of the international diamond industry to stop trade in conflict diamonds. Edward Asscher is one of the champions of this initiative and the former President of the World Diamond Council, the umbrella organization of the diamond industry in this Process. Furthermore, Royal Asscher has  been a compliant member of the Responsible Jewelry Council since 2017.

Kenji Saikachi
In the luxury jewelry market, being engaged in sales, marketing, and overseas business for over 30 years. Utilizing the sales know-how I accumulated in each sales channel, in wholesale stores and departments stores where directly managed, working with the Marketing Operations Department to plan and execute effective sales promotion measures. In addition, contributed jointing a plan with prominent fashion brands into an effective global plan, and had the experience of launching, alongside a large number of project leaders, as well as formulate company-wide sales promotion plans. In particular, Royal Asscher of Japan is working closely with the Netherlands headquarters, focusing on branding and increasing brand strength in Japan, and taking great strides in the company.


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