JTOWER、ベトナムでの屋内インフラシェアリング・ソリューション 契約物件数が累計200件を突破

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導入物件の例:イオンモール ハイフォン レチャン(Le Chan District, Hai Phong City, Viet Nam)

株式会社JTOWER(代表取締役社長:田中敦史、本社:東京都港区、以下「JTOWER」)は、ベトナムでの事業展開を担う子会社Southern Star Telecommunication Equipment Joint Stock Company代表取締役会長:五十嵐 聡、本社:ベトナム ホーチミン市、以下「SPN)にて提供する屋内インフラシェアリング・ソリューションの契約件数1が、累計200件(延床面積約920万㎡超)を突破したことをお知らせします。

JTOWERの国内実績 ― 2014年に商用サービスを開始し、国内随一の導入実績

■ベトナム事業拡大の背景 ― 2017年に参入。IBS資産買取契約等にて実績増加
ベトナムでは2017年7月、同国最大手のIBS事業会社であるSPNの株式を取得し参入。更に2020年11月には、同国IBS事業者であるTHIEN VIET COMPANY LIMITEDが保有する IBS 資産63物件の買取り契約を締結し、引渡しが進んでいることから、実績が拡大しています。

■今後の展開 ― M&AIBS資産の買取も戦略的に実施し更なる拡大を目指す


(3)代表者:代表取締役社長 田中 敦史
(4)事業内容:国内外における通信インフラシェアリング 等

(1)会社名:Southern Star Telecommunication Equipment Joint Stock Company
(2)所在地:412 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Ward 5, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City
(3)代表者:代表取締役会長 五十嵐 聡
(4)事業内容:ベトナムにおける通信インフラシェアリング 等


The total number of contracts for indoor Infra-Sharing solutions in Vietnam exceeded 200 buildings

Use case: AEON MALL Hai Phong Le Chan (Le Chan District, Hai Phong City, Viet Nam)

JTOWER Inc. ("JTOWER”) hereby announces that the total number of contracts for indoor Infra-Sharing solutions*¹ provided by our Vietnamese subsidiary, Southern Star Telecommunication Equipment Joint Stock Company ("SPN"), exceeded 200 buildings (total floor space of more than approximately 9.2 million square meters).
*¹: The number of buildings here is the number of buildings for which contracts with property owners have been concluded. It differs from the number of buildings for which the fee for mobile network operators has begun (recorded as revenues).

■JTOWER’s track record in Japan - Launched commercial services in 2014 and boasts the largest number of installations in Japan
JTOWER started commercial services of indoor Infra-Sharing solutions (IBS*²) in 2014. As the leading company of Infra-Sharing, JTOWER boasts the largest number of installations in Japan, expanding the scope of installations not only in shopping facilities, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, and public facilities, but also in government offices, arenas and exhibition halls and logistics facilities.
*²: In-Building-Solution

■Background to business expansion in Vietnam - Entered in 2017. Expanded with the IBS asset purchase agreement and other strategies.
In July 2017, we entered the Vietnamese market by acquiring SPN, the largest IBS operator in Vietnam. In November 2020, SPN signed an IBS asset purchase agreement for 63 projects owned by THIEN VIET COMPANY LIMITED, an IBS operator in Vietnam. Currently, contract transfers are in progress, and our track record is expanding.

In Vietnam, the penetration rate of mobile phones is growing at over 100% in line with high economic growth, and demand for mobile communications infrastructure is also continuing to rise. In particular, the IBS market continues to expand against the backdrop of an increase in mobile data traffic and the demand to improve capital efficiency among mobile network operators. In the future, the demand is expected to grow even further as 5G commercial services begin full-fledged operations.

■Future growth strategies - Promote M&A and purchase of IBS assets, aiming for further expansion
In Vietnam, we aim to expand the number of installations by leveraging JTOWER’s relationships with Japanese companies backed by its track record in Japan and advanced technological capabilities, in addition to SPN's strong relationships with Vietnamese mobile network operators, high-quality operations, and a broad network with real estate companies in Vietnam.

Furthermore, there are many IBS operators against the backdrop of expanding demand for mobile communications infrastructure in Vietnam. Going forward, we will continue to strive to increase our presence in the Vietnamese market by strategically promoting M&A and the IBS asset purchase to contribute to the further digitization in Vietnam.

We will further refine our technologies, service, and business models that we have cultivated in the Japanese telecommunications industry, which boasts the highest quality in the world, with the aim of providing "the leading Infra-Sharing services in the world".


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