Recovery in Recruitment across Asia despite COVID-19 Still Weighing on Certain Markets

The White-collar Recruitment Market in Asia: July to September 2021

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Tokyo: Oct 28, 2021
JAC Recruitment Co., Ltd. (Takeshi Matsuzono, Managing Director) provides recruitment services across 11 countries worldwide and serves as the largest recruitment consultancy in Southeast Asia*1. JAC Recruitment has prepared this summary of trends in the white-collar recruitment markets of respective Asian nations for the third quarter of 2021, encompassing the three months July through September. (*1 According to internal research of JAC Recruitment based on comparisons of sales generated by peer companies that engage in recruitment services throughout Asia.)

  • Whereas the recruitment market has been mounting a recovery across Asia, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to weigh on certain national markets such as those of Vietnam and Indonesia.
  • The number of job vacancies has been increasing in China and Hong Kong amid a waning threat of COVID-19 in both markets.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic substantially weighed on India’s recruitment market during the first half of the year, but the number of job openings has since been increasing amid a scenario where employers have been resuming recruitment since July.

アジア各国のホワイトカラー人材紹介市場の動向 2021年7月~9月

世界11ヵ国で人材紹介事業を展開し、東南アジアでは最大級の規模(※1)を誇る株式会社ジェイ エイ シー リクルートメント(代表取締役社長:松園 健)は、この度、2021年第3四半期のアジア各国のホワイトカラー人材紹介市場の動向を纏めましたので、お知らせいたします。 (※1) 自社調べ (アジアで人材紹介事業を展開する同業他社の売上規模を比較)

  • 求人はアジア全体で回復基調となるものの、ベトナム、インドネシアなど一部の国では新型コロナウイルスの影響が続く
  • 中国・香港で新型コロナウイルスが収束に向かい、両国(地域)で求人が増加
  • 上半期に新型コロナウイルスの影響を大きく受けたインドは、7月以降採用を再開し求人が増加


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