Finally open to the public until 2/6 International Exhibition KIMONO FOREST./KIMONOの森2/6まで

~ Festival for the overseas dissemination of Japanese traditional culture through the Metaverse ~

A "new place for knowledge, experience, and exchange" to enjoy traditional Japanese culture in Metaverse!

This exhibition will be open to the public for the first time in a metaverse space, each with its own unique characteristics, which visitors can visit with their selection of kimono dressed avatars.

International Exhibition KIMONO FOREST. 
~ Festival for the overseas dissemination of Japanese traditional culture through the Metaverse ~




Metaverse Main Danjuro EntranceMetaverse Main Danjuro Entrance

Noh mask costume exhibitionNoh mask costume exhibition

Kukai Exhibition viewed from the lotus above the waterKukai Exhibition viewed from the lotus above the water

many monsters, spirits, etc. forming a line and walking through the nightmany monsters, spirits, etc. forming a line and walking through the night

0205Jiutamai 0205Jiutamai

Two types of events, a metaverse exhibition and an actual venue, will be held simultaneously. Plenty of opportunities for symposiums, experiences, and exchanges in conjunction with this exhibition.

Participation and Experience in the Cyber Physical (Metaverse).
Metaverse exhibitions related to traditional Japanese culture will gather in “KIMONO FOREST”!
Noh Masks and Noh Costume Exhibition, The World of monk Kukai, Kimono Art Exhibition, Steampunk, Whiskey in Japan and the World, and 10 other metaverse exhibitions.From anywhere in the world, you can enter the "KIMONO Forest," create your original avatar, and learn about, experience, and interact with Japanese traditional culture!

Physical events at the actual venues. (also possible to participate in the Metaverse)
KIMONO exhibition, kimono dressing, lectures/demonstrations/experiences of Noh play, Jiutamai (noh dance performed in imperial presence)tea ceremony, incense ceremony, etc.
Held on February 5th, and 6th, 10am-5pm at Near Nanzenji- temple, Aukaku-en (Cherry Blossom and Crane Garden).You can enjoy the KIMMONO exhibition in a historical building and traditional performing arts performed wearing KIMONO in real life.There will be a live broadcast in Metaverse, so those who cannot go to the actual venue can participate in the event in Metaverse.

[Business Outline]
-Date and Time
-KIMONO Forest International Exhibition (Metaverse): January 28th - February 6th: Open to the public with free admission.
Visitors can enter the Metaverse at any time. (Metaverse admission will be open at any time, with details of social events to be announced later.)
-Symposium: February 5th - 6th (10am - 5pm, see attached for details)
KIMONO FOREST International Exhibition:
-Online venue in Metaverse.
-Actual Venue (Satellite): Details to be announced on the official website as soon as determined.
-Venue : In Metaverse of KIMONO FOREST
-Actual venue: Near Nanzenji (Temple), Aukaku-en (Sakura and Crane Garden) in Kyoto.
[Official URLs]
Sponsor: Organization for Creating and Promoting Traditional Culture
Joint sponsorship: Santo Co.
Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry. "FY2022 Exhibition and Other Events Industry Upgrading Promotion Project”
[Participation Method] Ticket prices, etc, and details.
Cyber Physical (Metaverse) event.
Admission free (registration is required before participation)
Inquiry: Contact Organization for Creating and Promoting Traditional Culture
Physical and Cyber events: @ Aukakuen (Sakura and crane garden) near Nanzenji Temple (Kyoto).
Inquiry: Santo / Kafooan
Contact: Yamanaka Tel: 045-432-5435 / 090-1071-3993
Please refer to the attached flyer for details.

[Main Exhibitors]
Cyber Physical (Metaverse) 10 Metaverse Exhibitions gather in KIMONO FOREST!
1. Sanyo Corporation.Exhibition of works by four modern masters of kimono artists.
2.Operations Headquarters, Inc. KIMONO FOREST Fusion of Art and Kimono Craftsmanship Traditional techniques of KIMONO have been transformed into fashionable interior art with a modern look!
3. Yoshikawa Dyeing Artisan Co.“Kyo Yuzen" is designated as a traditional handicraft by the Japanese government.The world of a new art form that sublimates its artistry and techniques into a modern art form.
4.Organization for Creating and Promoting Traditional Culture: Noh Masks and Noh Costume Exhibition, Performing Arts x Fine Arts, The Refined Gift of Japanese Beauty and Techniques.
5. Sun-M Color Co.“Ukiyo-e”, highly acclaimed in foreign art circles, is scary, but would you like to see it?
A collection of specters and ghosts that fascinate people throughout the ages!
6.Danjuro Ichikawa and the Painters of the Utagawa School. Ukiyo-e x Kabuki Ukiyo-e by Danjuro awakening from more than 100 years of sleep.A variety of fresh and lively theatrical paintings by popular Ukiyo-e artists of the Utagawa school, including Kuniyoshi Utagawa.
7.The World of monk Kukai Mysterious Natural Beauty of Koyasan (famous mountain for trainee monk) : A photographic and pictorial look at the natural beauty that nurtured Kukai and Buddhist culture.
8.Tenryo Hita Sake Museum Whiskey,  a new tradition of Japan recognized by the world. 30,000 items in the museum's collection, selected as one of the top 20 museums in Japan.
9. Japan Steampunk Association Fusion of tradition and the future: Old but new. The science fiction worldview that began overseas has developed uniquely in Japan, and is now being reevaluated by the world!
10. Polaris for Everyone (special participation)  Social Bazaar (sharing various activities and experiences on the same footing regardless of disability, gender, generation, etc.)

Physical Cyber: Aukakuen (Sakura and crane garden) near Nanzen Temple (Kyoto).
Noh Play: Haruhisa Kawamura, Shitekata of Kanze school, Tea Ceremony: Head of the school, Yonekaya Ozaki, Fuso branch of Oribe school, Jiutamai: Yuhou Furusawa, head of the family of Furusawa school, Imperial Court Costume: NPO Japanese Culture Promotion Association Nara, Monko(incense-ceremony), Sanshiko-ko(3 major incense), and Tencha (Macha tea ceremony), by Shin'un Nakai, NPO Kyo-gokoro. at Aukaku-en, near Nanzen temple, Kyoto (local venue)
Offers metaverse distribution, avatar communication, and metaverse experience for the participants. We will conduct exchanges connecting the actual venue and the metaverse.

[Background of the Project, Intentions, Aims, etc.]
Chronology of this event:
This exhibition "KIMONO FOREST" was held at the Museum of Kyoto in February last year with the aim of reviving and developing Kyoto's kimono industry, which was devastated by the Corona shock.
This year's exhibition is the second installment of the same series “KIMONO FOREST" will be held with even more power!
Features of this exhibition
-Multilingual operation. English, French, and Japanese. While last year's exhibition was held mainly for the domestic market, this year's exhibition will be more focused on the overseas market.
-A new futuristic exhibition with a focus on metaverse exhibits.
-Many exchange events will be held, and two-way communication will be possible at all times in the Metaverse. Visitors will be able to directly interact and talk with producers and artists they normally would not be able to talk with. Both business negotiations and general public interested in culture are welcome to participate.
-The lineup includes not only KIMONO, but also traditional performing arts performed while wearing KIMONO, art works using KIMONO, and much more. 10 exhibitions in the Metaverse and a real event in Kyoto.
-This event will create a "new world of expression" in the metaverse space, where "reality" and "the spiritual world of illusion and conception" merge.
-Participants can create their original avatars and join the Metaverse.
Our goal
-Send traditional Japanese culture to the world!
-Create a place for "creation of new traditions" to discover new values and pass them on to the future.
-Expect new collaboration through many hands-on experiences and exchanges
-To communicate to the world the current state of Japanese traditional culture, including KIMONO and other diverse traditional Japanese culture, and to encourage future users.
-The metaverse will be used to promote cultural exchange and transmission through new communication and networking. In particular, it is said that participation by avatars can draw out the diversity of personalities and modes of thought that people possess, and can encourage new discoveries by the participants themselves.
-The participants will discover new values of traditional Japanese culture and traditional industries together with the participants. Tradition is not simply a matter of the length of time it has been in existence; it is something that continues because of its universality and the value it holds for humanity to maintain it across regions and generations, while constantly encountering and incorporating innovation. We hope that new collaborations and innovations will occur through this exhibition. We hope that participants will not only be recipients and viewers, but will also actively interact and communicate with each other. 10 keywords: Metaverse, Avatar, traditional culture, Kyoto, Kodo(Incense ceremony), Kimono, Noh, Jiutamai, Nanzenji(Nanzen-temple), tea ceremony


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  3. Finally open to the public until 2/6 International Exhibition KIMONO FOREST./KIMONOの森2/6まで