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設立      :2012年6月
本社所在地   :東京都港区赤坂8-5-41
代表取締役社長 :田中 敦史
URL      :https://www.jtower.co.jp/


JOWER has announced that the number of IBS installations (completed) has increased to 200 in our Domestic IBS Business

We are pleased to announce that in our Domestic IBS Business, the number of IBS installation (completed) has increased to 200 (Total floor space over 10 million square meters).

We have been installed IBS nationwide, in commercial facilities, offices, hotels, hospitals, and public facilities, but we are also expanding the introduction into new category of buildings, such as MICE facilities, exhibition centers, arenas, and logistics centers.

Regarding this achievement as a step forward, we will continue to promote improvement of solutions and stable operations to create socially meaningful business which brings value to all of our stakeholders.

<About JTOWER Inc.>
-Establishment : June 2012
-Place of HQ : 8-5-41 Akasaka Minato-ku Tokyo, Japan
-Representative Director : Atsushi Tanaka
-URL : https://en.jtower.co.jp/


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