Industry Landscape "Energy Conservation, Decarbonization, and Electricity Bill Reduction"

「省エネ・脱炭素・電気代削減 カオスマップ・業界地図」英文版 を 公開開始

  EnergyColoring Inc. (Tokyo, Japan) has released a Industry Landscape that classifies energy-saving, decarbonization, and electricity bill reduction services by CS-VP classification.
  This landscape is an industry map categorized by two axes, CS (Customer Segment) on the vertical axis and VP (Value Proposition) on the horizontal axis.


  EnergyColoring Inc. is researching and analyzing energy saving, decarbonization, and electricity bill reduction services through interviews with industry players. In order to classify them, we have combined with the Internet-available information and their unique characteristics compared to other companies.





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  In a general Industry landscape, companies and services are classified according to the similarity of their services. However, in the course of analyzing and investigating services in the electric power industry, we found that there are many companies that have the same VP but different CS, and companies that have the same CS but do not compete with each other.
  We were able to group these competitors into a single group, then list the players by business model in the power industry.


  • CS: Customer Segment
1. High voltage: (1) Condominiums, (2) Factories, hospitals, hotels, etc., and (3) Retail.
2. Low voltage: (1) Stores and offices, (2) Detached houses and condominiums.
  • VP: Value Proposition
1. Contract switching
2. Equipment installation/renewal
3. Visualization
4. Operation improvement 

  EnergyColoring, Inc. will accelerate the efficient use of energy resources, promote decarbonization, and reduce electricity bills through modernization of Power industry, especially on the demand-side of the electric market, which requires a stable power supply as advanced public inftrastracture.


  • 日本語要約

  株式会社EnergyColoringは、電力業界の「省エネ・脱炭素・電気代削減 カオスマップ・業界地図」英文版を公開を開始しました。分野ごとの会社を分類する、いわゆるカオスマップ(Landscape)を進化させ、CS(Customer Segment, 顧客分類)とVP(Value Proposition, 提供価値)で分類した英文版カオスマップであるLandscapeとなります。

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